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DDC is a Environmental Design & Planning Firm, specializing in Hospitality Design, located in Southern  California.


The Firm was established over three decades ago, with the emphasis on providing consistently Creative and Cost effective Design and Planning expertise to our Clientele. The Firm’s staff, assisted by the latest in CAD assisted technology, was formulated to provide these professional services, to Hotel Ownership, Management and Real

Estate Developers, both nationally and internationally.


It is our firm belief, that a well-conceived environment not only enhances the efforts of the Hospitality business to reach their goals both aesthetically and operationally.  Logical and coherent Design not only improves human interaction, but satisfies both the Guests physical and psychological requirements.


Our process of creating Design begins with the development of a project program, that clearly states the “Criteria and the Pathway to acheivement”!  The process of solving begins in the Conceptual Design and Planning phases, resulting in the central organizing concept, the guiding idea that shapes the direction of all future Design decisions.


An experienced Design Principal and Project Manager form the nucleus of each project team and are directly involved and held accountable throughout the design process.  We believe that the same Project Management team, is in place at the inception of a project and should continue throughout all subsequent phases of the project for continuity!


DDC’s "Hands-on" management philosophy, allows us to communicate more efficiently with our Clients and ensures that the highest quality project, in the shortest possible time can be acheived within the defined project budget and timelines


We continue to research and develop new ideas and approaches.  We are committed to a close client relationship, supported by teamwork and communication, a Principal is involved in all aspects of the process.  Most importantly, it is our main objective to provide, well conceived Design that contributes to our Environment and satisfies our Clients’ goals and objectives.



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